The conference was held at the Poeta Ronaldo Cunha Lima Convention Center in João Pessoa, Paraíba State - Brazil, from August 27th to September 1st 2017.

The conference covered the most relevant aspects and the state-of-the-art of luminescence phenomena in all classes of materials, including inorganic, organic and hybrids, bulk, nano and micro structured, insulators and semiconductors, crystalline and amorphous materials. Hitherto the ICL conference has been well organized in different countries in the North Hemisphere of the world: Budapest (Hungary, 1966), Delaware (USA, 1968), Saint Petersburg (Russia, 1972), Tokyo (Japan, 1975), Paris (France, 1978), Berlin (Germany, 1981), Madison (USA, 1984), Beijing (China, 1987), Lisbon (Portugal, 1990), Storrs (USA, 1993), Prague (Czech Republic, 1996), Osaka (Japan, 1999), Budapest (Hungary, 2002), Beijing (China, 2005), Lyon (France, 2008), Ann Arbor (USA, 2011) and Wroclaw (Poland, 2014).

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